Spa Birthday Party

Little girls and their birthday parties. For my daughters birthday she asked for a spa birthday party, My first thought was how hard can it be, paint some toes and nails and eat some cake. I was totally wrong.
 First off I want to say that throwing a spa party is not easy. This was one of the hardest parties that I have ever threw. This party is not a one man show, if you get my drift. You will need lots of help. I was blessed to have some parents and family that stayed that I roped into working. 
I got my color scheme from the spa banner. 

I had the girls sit on pillows that I covered up with blankets and they sat around  a small kids table. 

I bought individual mirrors, finger bowls, face masks and pedicure sets for each girl. I made sure I had plenty of towels. 
When each child came in I sent them to the fitting area, where they put on their robes, scarfs and flip flops. Each child was able to take the flip flops, robes and scarfs home after the party. If you notice in the picture there is two robes that are not white. That is because I had a older teen invited and younger little boy (who was family) coming and I did not want to leave them out so I had a friend give me a boys sports robe and I found a womans blue robe on the clearance rack. The other robes I ordered online at The flip flops and scarves came from a dollar store. 

This year I cheated on making the cake. I ordered it thru Sam's Club. I think they did a wonderful job.

There was Wafer Nail Files, Nail Polish Cookies, Cucumber Cookies, and Nail Polish Marshmallows.

Spatastic Subs  and Loufa Cotton Candy were a big hit.

I made homemade bath salts for each girl to place in their foot soaks. I made sure to have a bucket of towels and lots of towels on the floor for the foot soak. 

Once each girl had their fingers and toes soaked and painted. We moved on to facials. The girls and one boy had their choice of a Chocolate or Yogurt Face Masks. The kids thought this was the funnest part of the party. There were many laughs. What Mom lets a child cover their face with chocolate or yogurt? That would be me. Talk about a mess. This is where many towels and a sink comes in handy. I don't think I really thought that plan through until it was to late. Oh well the kids had fun. 

After hosting this spa party, the hostess needs to go to a real spa. 

What kind of birthday parties have you thrown? Have you hosted a Spa Party before? My daughter informed me as she saw me typing this that she wants another Spa Birthday oarty next year. It must have been a hit. The girls are still talking about it. Stay tuned for the recipe for the Chocolate and Yogurt Face Masks, Cookies and  Bath Bombs. 

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