Boy's Themed 1st Birthday Parties

My little man will be turning one in several weeks. I have been thinking really hard on what type of birthday party that I should throw for him?  You only turn one once and you only get one smash cake within your life. There is so many different themes for boys and all of the themes I have looked at looks so cool and fun. Like all parents,  I want to make him a very special day. I have been very busy planning and searching for ideas. In my hunt for the perfect 1st birthday party for a boy, I have came across the following 10 parties on my favorite planning go to site Pinterest.  I am going to be choosing one of these themes.
Hmmm... Decisions Decisions.

 Circus Theme Party

Little Man Party

If you had to pick one which one would you pick? I am leaning toward one that is red and blue. Stay tuned in the next several weeks to find out which one I went with. All I know is I better make my mind up fast. I have got to mail invitations.  While I am on that topic does anyone mail invitations anymore thru the regular mail or is it all done thru the internet and hand delivery?

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