My 5 Star Accommodations

What a quite wonderful relaxing three day weekend my family and I had over the Memorial day weekend.  We embarked on a trip into the wilderness camping within the Daniel Boone National Forest. We had to really rough it. We only had one T.V, two mini stoves, a bathroom with bath tub, two refrigerators (one even had a freezer) and air conditioning. I am really being serious, try sharing one T.V between seven of us. That is roughing it, especially with three of them being children.  The best part of this roughing it trip we had no cell service or the INTERNET. For me alone that is called roughing it. I would catch myself trying to check my Instagram and Facebook account. I sometimes would get lucky if I stood on one foot and very still I might have got lucky to be able to pull enough signal to get a text thru. 
My families 5 star accommodations.

As I joke about the roughing part of this trip it was a very relaxing trip. Waking up every morning surrounded by trees was very blissful. Just getting to sit around the camp fire and listening to nothing but the different animals moving around was just so serine. 

Camping now days is nothing like what it was when I was growing up. We actually roughed it in a tent with no modern day amenities. Last year we made a big step up in the camping world with a pop up camper. This year we moved up to a hard shell camper. This was so much better than the pop up camper and a tent.
I am kinda sad, I don't think my children will ever experience what true camping is. Once you camp in a pop up or a hard shell camper you never want to go back to sleeping on the ground. I did tease my daughter and tell her that the next trip we take camping the T.V. will be taken out of the camper.

We enjoyed every minute together. I wished we would have brought our bikes. 
We roasted marshmallows. My daughter even invited one of her good friends to camp with us.

We went fishing and out running around on the boat.

Even little man enjoyed strolling down to the boat dock.

I love how we made memories that hopefully will last with our little ones for years to come. Do you go camping? How do you camp? Where is some of the places you like to camp at?

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