My First Time With Fake Eyelashes

It has never crossed my mind to wear fake eyelashes, not even when I was competing in pageants.  I have always used mascara to plum up my lashes and it always seemed to work for me.  I have never had the urge to wear fake eyelashes before until I received a pair of Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes from Influenster in the Jadore Vox Box that I received.  So over the weekend I tested out wearing them. For someone who had never put on fake lashes it took me several tries to get the first lash on. But the second one went on within seconds. If you never have worn fake eyelashes theres not much you have to do. You just need to trim the lashes to fit your upper eye lid. The end of the of lashes were to long for my eyes so I had to trim the lash part for the inner corner of my eyes only and I also had to trim the length of the lashes to fit my eyelids. Once all the fitting and trimming was done, it only took me seconds to to have beautiful full eyelids. You just need to take the glue and glue the bottom portion of the lashes, the glue needs to be placed on the back line of the lashes. Make sure you have the lashes turned the correct way, unless you are looking for that upside down look.  Once the lashes were on me, I did not feel them at all. My eyelashes looked so full and natural. My husband even told me they looked really nice on me and that they looked very natural. I loved them. I would diffently think about using them again for special occasions or for a photo session. Have you ever used any of the Kiss products? If you have I would love to hear about it.

Look how natural and full my eyelashes look.

The sole purpose of receiving the Jadore Vox Box is for testing purposes only.

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