Colgate Total Mouthwash

I was given the honor to try the new Colgate Total Mouthwash for the last several weeks. I have tried many mouth washes and I never really liked the burning sensation that was left in my mouth. I tried one brand several months ago and it left my mouth feeling weird and hours later it changed the way my breakfast and morning soda tasted like. My mouth also felt like it was burnt. Needless to say after that I never used a mouthwash again. Until I was given  the opportunity to test out the Colgate Total Mouthwash from Influesnster.
As for the Colgate Total I really like it. I like the fact that their mouthwash has no alcohol in it. When you use the mouthwash your mouth feels minty clean and germ free. This mouthwash does not make your morning meals or drinks taste different. I did not even have a burnt feeling left in my mouth. This mouthwash comes in 3 different flavors, Peppermint Blast, Spearmint Surge and Wintermint Rush. I tried the Peppermint Blast and really liked the taste.
My only issue with the mouthwash and it is pretty petty, is that it does not have any fluoride in it. But besides that I really like the mouthwash and I would recommend this to anyone looking to have a germ free and minty fresh mouth. If I had to rate this product on a scale from 1- 10 with 10 being the best, I would rate it a 9. If it had fluoride in it it would receive a 10+.

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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