Where is Isabella the Elf?

Isabella the Elf has been at our house for several weeks now. Buying the Elf on the Shelf was the best decision ever made. My daughter is excited every morning to get up and go look for Isabella. We did not want to scare our daughter, so for the first several weeks, we started off with simple placement of the Elf.
One mistake I have already made is that I forgot to move her one night. Usually my husband will pick up my slack, but both of us forgot that night. Our daughter woke up and found her in the same place. I had to think of something real fast, so I said to our daughter: I thought you walked by her last night and accidentally brushed her with your arm. My daughter was devastated. So I told her to go tell Isabella what she wanted for Christmas and that she was sorry that she accidentally touching her. When my daughter was eating breakfast and not looking I rushed to move the Elf.

Isabella on our Christmas Tree.
  We have noticed that Isabella has a thing for our living room and all the Christmas decorations.
Isabella must miss Santa. We find her by the many Santa's a lot.

She sometimes hangs out in the kitchen above the sink.

Isabella wanted to wrap up in a towel too.

 Here lately Isabella has been sorta silly.
Above the stove, she is watching to make sure our daughter cleaned her plate at supper.

She found a toy.

This was where Isabella sat the first day.

 I will post more as the of the spots Isabella appears in the weeks leading up to Christmas. This is so much fun.

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  1. I had started to panic because I had not been able to find our elf. (seems I am so good at hiding things that I can't even find them) BUT the hubby found him yesterday! Everyone was so excited to have "Checkers" back!!

    1. That is my fear for next year. I can hide gifts so good, that I will find them years from now.

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  3. Too cute! I just found out that there was a girl elf.. She's so adorable :)

    1. I just found out this season about the girl. My daughter says she is a ballerina...lol

  4. Fabulous ideas! I'm always looking for some new things to do with our elf, HoHo ;-)

    Thanks for stopping by the Raising Imperfection blog hop!
    ~Elisabeth@The Beekeeper's Granddaughter

  5. We are having so much fun with Pia, our elf. Reagan loves looking for her new spots.

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  6. I just love Isabella the elf!! Thanks for stopping by my blog - I'm following your lovely blog back.

  7. how fun!!! love it!
    p.s. did you know you have yours on? my post today tells you how to turn it off!
    Helene in Between

  8. I love the elf on a shelf! I am toying with inviting one to our house in a few years.

    Thank you for linking to Raising Imperfection!

  9. I can't wait till I have kids so I can start this tradition. New follower!


  10. I can't wait to do this when I have kids! Following you back! Have a happy Sunday!

  11. They're cute but I have fear of Elves. It's a culture thing :)

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  12. My little man loves his elf, Olfie. He has found him fishing for Goldfish and taking a nap on the kleenex box, complete with a kleenex hand towel pillow and blanket.
    He hides in "easy" places through the week and "fun" places on the weekends.

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  13. What a super fun idea! I might have to try this out once my son gets older!

  14. Love seeing what everybody's Elf has been up to! :)

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  15. Such a fun idea!!! Wish I would have thought of doing something like that when my girls were young, they would have loved it!
    Stopping by from Raising Imperfection....